Musicove Productions

Professional Audio & Video Services

Musicove Productions is an online company specializing in Audio and Video Services such as Audio & Video Editing & Restoration, Music Composition, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering.

Our People

Our team is composed of audio and video experts, highly skilled, trained and experienced, equipped with immense love and passion for their vocation. We have proficient session musicians at our disposal and we are dedicated to delivering professional results that will satisfy your vision’s requirements.

Our Studio

Our studio is powered by the very best software in the industry. Cockos Reaper, Avid Pro Tools & Sibelius, Ableton Live, iZotope RX, Audiofile Wave Editor, Adobe Audition, Premiere & After Effects, iZotope and Fabfilter plugins and Sample Libraries of the highest quality.

Our Services

• Audio Editing
• Podcast/Audiobook Editing
• Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction
• Mixing/Mastering
• Music Production
• Composing for Concert Music, Film, Dance, Theatre, Games, etc.
• Orchestrating & Arranging
• Sound Design
• Professional Recording
• Video Editing


Rates are flexible depending on project. Contact us for a quote.

Audio Editing: $20 per hour (of work)
Mixing: $20 per hour (of work)
Mastering: $20 per piece of music or audio (3′ – 4′)
Sound Design: $20 per minute of finished audio
Arrangements: $30 per minute of finished music
Composition: $80 – $150 per minute of finished music

  • $20 per hour (of work)

  • $20 per hour (of work)

  • $20 per piece of music or audio (3′ – 4′)

  • $80 – $150 per minute of finished music

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